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    • 6 Family Fun Ideas To Try With Children While Stuck Indoors

      Being stuck in the house with your children for 24 hours a day and seven days a week was definitely not in the 2020 plan but this is the new normal.  As coronavirus continues to spread, cabin fever starts to rise and finding activities for the kids may be the last thing on your mind while coping with everything from keeping busy working from home. 

    • How The Coronavirus Is Affecting Business Owners

      The coronavirus has made an impact on the entire country. People are out of jobs, others are working overtime to save lives, and we all feel a sense of uncertainty. Business owners are also feeling it. Willie Moore Jr. talks to Christine Hector, a boutique owner, about how she has been effected. She has been […]

    • Niecy Nash ‘Learned The Power Of Prayer’ After Seeing Her Mother Get Shot [VIDEO]

      Niecy Nash has opened up about the moment she witnessed her mother get shot in the back by an ex-boyfriend. The “Claws” star recalled the horrific scene for UMC’s “Behind Her Faith,” noting that she was 15-years-old when the attack on her mom, Margaret Ensley, occurred. “I probably would say I learned the power of prayer when […]

    • Russ Rant: Fauci Says All States Should Have Stay-At-Home Orders

      Russ finds it shocking that Dr. Fauci, the leading coronavirus expert, is receiving death threats. He’s getting these threats because there are people in Trump’s fan base that believe in something called the “deep state;” which they believe is a second government working to over throw Trump. These people believe Fauci is a member of […]

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