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    • Jeffrey Epstein Guards To Face Criminal Charges

      WASHINGTON (AP) — Two correctional officers responsible for guarding Jeffrey Epstein when he took his own life are expected to face criminal charges this week for falsifying prison records, two people familiar with the matter told The Associated Press. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM The federal charges could come as soon as Tuesday and […]

    • Police Says California Backyard Shooting Was Targeted

      FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — Police searched Monday for two assailants who sneaked into a backyard party in Fresno and opened fire on a small crowd that had gathered to watch football on television. Four people were killed and six wounded. The house where a group of Hmong family and friends got together was deliberately targeted […]

    • Barack Obama Cautions Democratic Hopefuls On Tacking Too Far Left

      WASHINGTON (AP) — Former President Barack Obama on Friday warned the Democratic field of White House hopefuls not to veer too far to the left, a move he said would alienate many who would otherwise be open to voting for the party’s nominee next year. Though Obama did not mention anyone by name, the message […]

    • Russ Rant: Does Kaepernick Want To Play?

      Kaepernick has basically been banned from the NFL for about 3 years. A number of people were supporting him on Saturday when he had his tryouts over the weekend. Stephen A. Smith said that he didn’t think Kaep wants to play football anymore, and he’s been catching heat because of it. But, Russ also said […]

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