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    • Pamela Turner Is Buried While Texas Cop Who Killed Her Is Already Back At Work

      Pamela Turner’s killer is getting the second chance he made sure she'd never get when he shot her multiple times at close range last week in suburban Houston.

    • Huggy Lowdown: Oreo Bama Of The Week

      This week was a mess…like most weeks! But there was nothing as insane, hilarious, or ridiculous than Ben Carson confusing real estate term REO with Oreo cookies. Why would he think he was being asked about a snack? Maybe he was thinking about the nickname his cousins gave him. But no matter his reasoning…Ben Carson is […]

    • Inside Her Story: This Woman Teaches Black Hair Care To Non-Black Parents

      Transracial adoptive and biracial families are becoming more and more common. Meaning that more and more Black children are being raised by white, or non Black parents. With that comes hair care issues, often times white parents don’t know how to properly style or care for Black hair. Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with […]

    • Morning Minute: Facebook Banned 3 Billion Fake Accounts

      In the first quarter of 2019 Facebook banned over 3 billion fake accounts. That’s a huge number and honestly a little scary! Chris Paul suggests that they ban all of the fake people next. Like those couples that post pictures smiling and hugging like it’s all good when in reality they hate each other. HEAD […]

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